Cfree Living

Cancer Free Living:
Untying the Silly Ribbon

Cfree Living

Cancer Free Living:
Untying the Silly Ribbon

Pamela A. McColloch

Two time survivor/Yogi/Soon to be published Author/Encourager


Pamela A. McColloch

Two time survivor/Yogi/Soon to be published Author/Encourager

Hello Fall!

November is the time for gratitude. and thanksgiving. 

Since fighting cancer twice, I have the utmost of thanks to waking up each morning and being healthy again. 

Cfree is giving back this month by giving away a Cfree Cancer free T-shirt.  Please know that you should not wait until the doctor says you have no more disease. You see, as with anything in life--you must believe it to achieve it.  

So go ahead, order your free shirt today for you or a loved one going through cancer and proclaim your postive outlook NOW! 


Let's put positivity back in healing with the Mindset that we can fight back with hope and encouragement. 

Get the Hat and T-shirt for you or someone you love, remember to "claim you are Cancer Free, and Untie the Stupid Ribbon! 

The Shirt is on us, we just ask that you pay for shipping. 



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Homemade Almond Milk


Homemade almond milk with a kick

1  cup raw almonds 

4 cups purified water 

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 

4 pitted dates 

1 dash of tumeric 

1 dash of black pepper 

Soak your almonds overnight. in the morning drain and rinse. in a high speed blender mix all ingredients, then pour through a cheesecloth and squeeze milk into glass jars to refrigerate. MMMMM!

Why Genetic Testing?

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About Me


Hi, I am Pamela!

Mom to my teen-age Godson, Christian, Real Estate Broker, Genetic Cancer Screening Advocate and soon to be published auther. Oh, and a colon and liver cancer survivor. I want everyone who hears the "C" word to know there is hope by claiming victory over this disease. Whether you or your loved one is recently diagnosed, going through treatment, or in remission, we all belong to the same tribe. Cfree. 

Stick around for fun, inspiring, useful tips and thoughts for for a Cfree life. Thanks for joining me!


My Cfree Mission

I want to acknowledge the threat of this terrible disease. To give love and support. To share inspiration during, through, and beyond diagnosis. Wear Cfree tee-shirts, hats and mugs to remind you of your cancer-free status. Shop my awesome products today. 

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My Book is Coming Soon!

One Woman's Cancer Memoir of Love and Hope. How Her Warrior Tribe and God's Peace and Grace Helped Her Find Courage, Strength and the Will to Help Others Live Cfree.


Orlando Pub Crawl Coming soon!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pub crawls are a fun way to connect, enjoy a craft brew, and support a good cause. Join Pamela for the next Orlando Pub Crawl. Destination TBA.  

What does $20 get you? Discounts on food and drinks plus a fun day out!

If you cannot make it and would like to donate, your support would be greatly appreciated! 

For more information, contact Pamela.Mccolloch at gmail dom com.

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